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- Rapid City, SD---Rushmore Mall, 01288
Job Title:TEMPORARY Support Specialist (Seasonal)
Do you like working with your hands and staying active? Do the words "order" and "process" get you excited? Do you enjoy making things happen behind the scenes and seeing your work flourish on stage? Do you like being a part of something that's never been done before? Well...being a Support Specialist in the new jcp might be the position for you! Come be a part of a team that is changing the face of retail forever.
The Temporary Support Specialist is a seasonal role that handles all of the backroom and merchandise replenishment opportunities that occur in the store to ensure jcp is America's favorite place to shop!
As a seasonal hire you will have a defined employment time period. Your leader will communicate with you what your last day worked will be as the peak season comes to an end.
o Executes the merchandise strategy - You take the plans that have been communicated by leadership on how to display the merchandise throughout the store and drive it home with efficiency and detail!
o Replenishes and restocks the store - You've got your finger on the pulse of the customer; you know when merchandise is getting low and you know just where to get more to ensure all of our customers have the styles and sizes they need!
o Receive and unload merchandise - You can unload a truck and prepare the merchandise in the backroom like nobody's business!
o Responsible for backroom standards - Your stockroom is immaculate; everything's always in the right place so all of your teammates know just where to get merchandise for the customer and you make it safe, so no one will get hurt on your time.
o Executes pricing and signing - You can change ticket prices and signing on merchandise across the store better and faster than anyone!
o Delivers .com merchandise - You know where all the orders are that have come to the store from orders.o Assists customers - You're maneuvering around the store at a fast pace with the merchandise, but when a customer stops you to ask a question or request assistance, there's no one they'd rather be talking to than you.
Skills and Characteristics:
o Organization Skill - You thrive in environments that need order and rely on process to get things done right.
o Attitude - You are a "glass half-full" type of person. You can take any situation and make it a positive.
o Motivation - You have an internal drive to be fantastic. You feel a real sense of accomplishment when the customer is happy and the store looks great
o Adaptability - You are a chameleon. You can change directions on a dime. You can do something one day and do it completely differently the next without missing a beat.
o Detail Orientation - You've never left your "T's" uncrossed or your "I's" undotted. You know what's right and check and double check to ensure it's right
o Initiative - You're on the move even before someone asks. You see the opportunities and you go after them! - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist